July 15, 2014

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. – Bill Cosby


196th day of 2014 with 169 to follow.

Holidays for Today:

*I Love Horses Day

*Respect Canada Day

*National Gummi Worm Day

*National Tapioca Pudding Day

*Be a Dork Day (Urban Dictionary definition of DORK: Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.)



  • 1606 Rembrandt van Rijn, Netherlands, painter (Night Watch)
  • 1779 Clement Clarke Moore, New York City, New York, professor / author (‘Twas the Night Before Xmas)
  • 1796 Thomas Bulfinch, Newton, Massachusetts, mythologist (Bulfinch’s Mythology)
  • 1921 Robert Bruce Merrifield, Fort Worth, Texas, biochemist (Nobel / solid phase peptide synthesis)
  • 1922 Leon M. Lederman, New York, experimental physicist (Nobel / neutrinos), Director Emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  • 1925 Philip Carey, Hackensack, New Jersey, actor (narrated Untamed World, starred in Phillip Marlowe, Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers, The Rifleman, Laredo, One Life to Live)
  • 1929 Charles Anthony Caruso, New Orleans, Louisiana, tenor (Has distinction of appearing in more performances at the metropolitan Opera than any other performer, working there for 50 years & retiring Jan. 28, 2010)
  • 1931 Clive Cussler, Aurora, Illinois, marine archaeologist, founder of National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), and author (Dirk Pitt, NUMA Files & Oregon Files adventure novels; Isaac Bell tales and Fargo Adventures)
  • 1939 Patrick Wayne, Los Angeles, California, actor (Rio Grande, Green Berets, Rounder, Shirley, Beyond Atlantis)
  • 1943 Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Northern Ireland, astrophysicist (discovered first radio pulsars w/ supervisor Antony Hewish)
  • 1944 Jan-Michael Vincent, Denver, Colorado, actor (Hooper, Airwolf – Stringfellow Hawke)
  • 1946 Linda Ronstadt, Tucson, Arizona, singer (Different Drum, Blue Bayou)/actress (Pirates of Penzance)
  • 1951 Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Minneapolis, Minnesota, wrestler/actor (Predator, Running Man), 38th governor of Minnesota
  • 1952 Terrance O’Quinn, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, actor (John Locke on Lost, The Rocketeer, The Stepfather)
  • 1960 Kim Alexis, Lockport, New York, model (Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover), tv host and actor
  • 1961 Forest Whitaker, Longview, Texas, actor (Bloodsport, Bird, Platoon, Stakeout, Battlefield Earth, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai)
  • 1967 Adam Savage, New York City, New York, industrial design and special effects designer/fabricator, actor, educator (co-host of Mythbusters)
  • 1962 Brigitte Nielsen, Denmark, actress (Red Sonja, Rocky IV, Cobra, Beverly Hills Cop II)
  • 1973 Brian Austin Green, Van Nuys, California, actor (Beverly Hills 90210, Knots Landing, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • 1976 Diane Kruger, German actress and former model (Helen in Troy, National Treasure, Mr. Nobody, Unknown)
  • 1976 Gabriel Iglesias, San Diego, California, stand-up comedian (I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy)


You can plan to be brave – it’s even better if you just try to be brave. – Clive Cussler



  • 1799 The Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-François Bouchard during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign.
  • 1869 Margarine is patented in Paris, for use by French Navy.
  • 1870 Georgia becomes the last of the former Confederate states to be readmitted to the Union.
  • 1870 Hudson’s Bay & Northwest Territories transferred to Canada.
  • 1870 Manitoba becomes 5th Canadian province & NW Territories created.
  • 1888 Bandai volcano (Japan) erupts for 1st time in 1,000 years.
  • 1893 Commodore Perry arrives in Japan.
  • 1910 In his book Clinical Psychiatry, Emil Kraepelin gives a name to Alzheimer’s disease, naming it after his colleague Alois Alzheimer.
  • 1916 The Boeing Co., originally known as Pacific Aero Products, was founded in Seattle by William Boeing.
  • 1922 1st duck-billed platypus publicly exhibited in US, at NY zoo.
  • 1941 Florey & Heatley present freeze dried mold cultures (Penicillin).
  • 1948 President Truman nominated for another term.
  • 1954 1st commercial jet transport plane built in US tested (Boeing 707).
  • 1959 For the first time in United States history, there is a significant importation of foreign steel due to a steel strike in the U.S..
  • 1975 There was a dual launch of an Apollo spacecraft and a Soyuz spacecraft for the first joint Soviet-United States human-crewed flight. It was also the last launch of both an Apollo spacecraft, and the Saturn family of rockets.
  • 1983 The Nintendo Entertainment System, the best-selling game console of its time, is released in Japan.
  • 2003 AOL Time Warner disbands Netscape. The Mozilla Foundation is established on the same day.
  • 2006 Twitter is launched, becoming one of the largest social media platforms in the world.


According to “The Australian,” an airliner recently encountered severe vibration in flight.

The captain decided to make an emergency landing, and switched on the seat belt sign.

The vibration stopped immediately.

A passenger emerged from a lavatory and explained that he had been jogging in place inside.


A man walks into a bar with a pork pie on his head. He orders a drink and the barman asks, ”Why are you wearing a pork pie on your head?”

The man replies, ”It’s a long-running family tradition. We always wear pork pies on our heads on Tuesday.”

To which the barman remarks, ”Then I have some bad news for you – it’s Wednesday.”

Sheepishly, the man says, ”Oh dear, I must look like a real fool!”


ONE-LINERS: Random Thoughts. . .
~ Anything preying on my mind today would starve to death.
~ Archaeologist never discover anything new.
~ At the bakery, I order a Bran Muffin every day…I am one of their regular customers.
~ I’ve been losing my sense of balance…in my checkbook
~ Ideas are great, provided they don’t degenerate into work.
~ If a person named Mel posted a picture with a pet collie, would the caption be “Mel ‘n’ Collie”?
~ If all your troubles are behind you, you’re probably a school bus driver.
~ If evolution is true, why do mothers still only have one pair of hands?
~ Quit griping about your church. If it were perfect, you couldn’t belong.
~ Reaching into a pair of pants and finding money is a great feeling, till the person that owns the pants screams at you.
~ Some people have more problems than an arithmetic book.
~ Bad Golfer: “I’d move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course.” Caddy: “Try heaven, you’ve already moved most of the earth.”


“George is so forgetful,” the sales manager complained to his secretary. “It’s a wonder he can sell and I’m not sure he’ll even remember to come back.”

Just then the door flew open, and in bounced George. “You’ll never guess what happened!” he shouted. “While I was at lunch, I met Old Man Brown, who hasn’t bought anything from us for five years. Well, we got to talking and he gave me this half-million dollar order!”

“See,” sighed the sales manager to his secretary. “I told you he’d forget the sandwiches.”


pic of the day: Goat in field of yellow flowers. . .

goat in field of yellow flowers


A mother firefly was taking her children for a walk near dusk, and they came to a dark woods. “All right, kids,” she ordered, “line up, and whatever happens, don’t shine your light. There are owls in the forest and they might fly down and eat you!”

The small fireflies did as they were told, with the youngest firefly at the end of the line. As they were moving carefully along, suddenly the mother saw a light far back.

“Stop!” she whispered. “Who lit the light back there?”

“I did,” admitted the youngster.

“You heard what I told you,” scolded the mother. “Why did you disobey?”

“Well,” said the little one, “when you gotta glow, you gotta glow.”


Rejected Greeting Cards

You totaled your car
And can’t remember why.
Could it have been.
That whole case of Bud Dry?

Your friends and I wanted to do something special for your Birthday
So we’re having you put to sleep.

You are such a good friend
That if we were on a sinking ship
And there was only one life jacket….
I’d miss you heaps and think of you often.

When we were together,
You always said you’d die for me.
Now that we’ve broken up,
I think it’s time you kept your promise.

Congratulations on your promotion. Before you go,
Would you like to take this knife out of my back.
You’ll probably need it again.

Happy Birthday! You look great for your age…
Almost Lifelike!


Judi stormed up to the front desk of the library and said, “I have a complaint!”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“I borrowed a book last week and it was horrible!”

“What was wrong with it?”

“It had way too many characters and there was no plot whatsoever!”

The librarian nodded and said, “Ah. So you must be the person who took our phone book.”


A man was seen fleeing down the hall of the hospital just before his operation.

“What’s the matter?” he was asked.

He said, “I heard the nurse say, ‘It’s a very simple operation, don’t worry, I’m sure it will be all right.”

“She was just trying to comfort you, what’s so frightening about that?”

“She wasn’t talking to me. She was talking to the doctor.


QUIP OF THE DAY: The trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it. – Franklin P. Jones


Thought for the day. . . Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving. – W.T. Purkiser

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