July 9, 2014

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. –Mark Twain


190th day of 2014 with 175 to follow.

Holidays for Today:

*National Sugar Cookie Day

*Intern Appreciation Day

*National Hop-A-Park Day

*Bald In-Bald Out (inspires people of all ages & both sexes to choose bald and be beautiful)

*Rock Around the Clock Day (song at top of the American popular music charts in 1955)

*Constitution Day (Australia)


  • 1819 Elias Howe, Spencer, Massachusetts, inventory (sewing machine pioneer)
  • 1894 Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, Kronstadt, Russian Empire, physicist (Superfluidity)
  • 1901 Dame Barbara Cartland, English author (romantic novels)
  • 1911 John A. Wheeler, Jacksonville, Florida, physicist (coined the terms black hole, quantum foam, and wormhole and the phrase “it from bit”)
  • 1926 Ben Roy Mottelson, Chicago, Illinois, physicist (Nobel / non-spherical geometry of atomic nuclei)
  • 1927 Ed Ames, Maiden, Massachusetts, singer (My Cup Runneth Over) and actor (Daniel Boone tv show)
  • 1933 Oliver Sacks, British-born neurologist and author (Awakenings, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, The Mind’s Eye)
  • 1942 Richard Roundtree, New Rochelle, New York, actor (Shaft)
  • 1942 Edy Williams, Salt Lake City, Utah, actress (The Secret Life of an American Wife, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Dr. Minx)
  • 1943 John Casper, Greenville, South Carolina, U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and retired NASA astronaut (STS-36, STS-54, STS-62, STS-77)
  • 1945 Dean Koontz, Everett, Pennsylvania, author (Star Quest, Whispers, Demon Seed, Strangers, Prison of Ice, Sole Survivor, Hideaway, Watchers)
  • 1951 Chris Cooper, Kansas City, Missouri, actor (The Bourne Identity, American Beauty, Capote, The Town, The Kingdom, Syriana )
  • 1952 John Tesh, Garden City, New York, pianist and composer (pop, Contemporary Christian, smooth jazz, New Age)
  • 1955 Jimmy Smits, Brooklyn, New York, actor (L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, The West Wing, Dexter, Bail Organa in Star Wars prequel triolgy)
  • 1956 Tom Hanks, Concord, California, actor (Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 )
  • 1957 Kelly McGillis, Newport Beach, California, actress (Top Gun, The Accused, Witness)
  • 1959 Jim Kerr, Glasgow, Scotland, singer (Simple Minds)
  • 1973 Enrique Murciano, Miami, Florida, actor (Without a Trace, Miss Congeniality 2, The Lost City, Black Hawk Down)
  • 1975 Isaac Brock, Helena, Montana, singer and musician (Modest Mouse, Ugly Casanova)
  • 1975 Jack White, Detroit, Michigan, vocalist and musician (The White Stripes)
  • 1976 Fred Savage, actor & director (The Wonder Years, The Princess Bride, Generator Rex)
  • 1982 Ashly DelGrosso-Costa, Denver Colorado, dancer (Dancing w/the Stars, season 10 with Buzz Aldrin)


I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey



  • 1776 The Declaration of Independence was ordered to be read out loud to members of the Continental Army in New York, New York for the first time by George Washington.
  • 1789 In Versailles, the National Assembly reconstitutes itself as the National Constituent Assembly and begins preparations for a French constitution.
  • 1790 Russo-Swedish War: Second Battle of Svensksund – in the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Navy captures one third of the Russian fleet.
  • 1793 The Act Against Slavery is passed in Upper Canada and the importation of slaves into Lower Canada is prohibited.
  • 1807 The Treaties of Tilsit are signed by Napoleon I of France and Alexander I of Russia.
  • 1811 Explorer David Thompson posts a sign at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers (in modern Washington state, US), claiming the land for the United Kingdom.
  • 1815 Talleyrand becomes the first Prime Minister of France.
  • 1863 American Civil War: the Siege of Port Hudson ends.
  • 1868 The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified guaranteeing African Americans full citizenship and all persons in the United States due process of law.
  • 1877 The inaugural Wimbledon Championships opens.
  • 1918 Great train wreck of 1918: in Nashville, Tennessee, an inbound local train collides with an outbound express killing 101 and injuring 171 people, making it the deadliest rail accident in United States history.
  • 1922 Johnny Weissmuller swims the 100 meters freestyle in 58.6 seconds breaking the world swimming record and the ‘minute barrier’.
  • 1932 The state of São Paulo revolts against the Brazilian Federal Government, starting the Constitutionalist Revolution
  • 1962 The Starfish Prime high-altitude nuclear test is conducted by the United States of America.
  • 1962 Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans exhibition opens at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles.
  • 1999 Days of student protests begin after Iranian police and hardliners attack a student dormitory at the University of Tehran.
  • 2006 At least 122 people are killed after a Sibir Airlines Airbus A310 passenger jet, carrying 200 passengers veers off the runway while landing in wet conditions at Irkutsk Airport in Siberia.
  • 2011 South Sudan gains independence and secedes from Sudan.


At the company water cooler, I bragged about my children’s world travels: one son was teaching in Bolivia, another was working in southern Italy, and my daughter was completing a yearlong research project in India.

My co-worker asked, “What is it about you that makes your kids want to get so far away?”


Little Johnny came home from an outing with his father and ran up to his mother saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Daddy
took me to the zoo! One of the animals came in and paid $92.70 across the board!!”


Paddy says to Mick, “Da power went out at da cottage tiz mornin’. Me computer went down; da TV, DVD, an’ me new surround sound music all didn’ work. Then I discovered that me iPhone battery was flat, the pub wasn’ open yet and to top it off it was rainin’ outside, so I couldn’ play golf.”

“So wha’ did ye do?”

“So I went t’ the kitchen to make coffee and then I remembered that this needs power too, so I talked to me wife Mary for a few hours. She seems like a nice person.”


ONE-LINERS: The Life of a Dog

8:00 am – Oh Boy! Dog food! My favorite!

9:30 am – Oh Boy! A car ride! My favorite!

9:40 am – Oh Boy! A walk! My favorite!

10:30 am – Oh Boy! A car ride! My favorite!

11:30 am – Oh Boy! Dog food! My favorite!

12:00 noon – Oh Boy! The kids! My favorite!

1:00 pm – Oh Boy! The yard! My favorite!

4:00 pm – Oh Boy! The kids! My favorite!

5:00 pm – Oh Boy! Dog food! My favorite!

5:30 pm – Oh Boy! Mom! My favorite!

6:00 pm – Oh Boy! Playing ball! My favorite!

6:30 pm – Oh Boy! Sleeping in master’s bed! My favorite!


Sign at the front door:


We are too broke to buy anything.

We know who we are voting for.

We have found Jesus.

Seriously, unless you are selling
Please go away.


pic of the day: White Roses



Our local fire department got a call that a flock of geese had become stuck in a frozen lake. A rescue team crawled out onto the ice, pushing a boat and ice-breaking tools.

They got within three yards — and the flock flew off! The men were left staring at open water.

Someone at the station asked, “How did it go?”

The reply was, “It was a wild goose chase.”


A friend asked me to replace the rotted post that her mail- box sat on, but to save the beloved old box.
I managed to extract all but one of the rusty nails in the bottom of the mailbox. To free the last nail, I wrapped my arms around the box in a bear hug and started yanking up. Just then a truck came by, and the driver stuck his head out the window…
“I tried that,” he said, “but the bills just keep on coming.”

Cousin Elly is the world’s worst at getting instructions mixed up.

When she got married her husband bought her one of those fancy, electric coffee makers. It had all the latest gadgets on it.

Salesman Riley carefully explained to her how everything worked – how to plug it in, set the timer, go back to bed, and upon rising, the coffee is ready.

A few weeks later Elly was back in the store and Riley asked her how she liked the coffee maker.

“Wonderful!” she replied, “However, there’s one thing I don’t understand. Why do I have to go to bed every time I want to make a pot of coffee?”


One of the burdens of office of the small town mayor was his brother in-law, a fellow who liked to throw his or, rather, his in-law’s political weight around. The mayor had instructed his policemen and other city officials to treat him just like they would any other taxpayer.
The brother-in-law got a ticket for overtime parking. He immediately descended in fury on police headquarters, waving the ticket and sputtering, “Hey, do you know who I am?”
The desk sergeant surveyed him calmly, picked up his telephone and dialed the mayor’s office. “Tell the mayor,” he said to the secretary, “that his brother-in-law is down here and can’t remember his name.”


He came home from the office and found his airhead bride sobbing. “I feel terrible,” she told him. “I was pressing your suit and I burned a hole in the seat of your trousers.”

“Forget it. Remember, I have an extra pair of pants for that suit.”

“Yes, and it’s lucky you have I used them to patch the hole.”


TODAY IN TRIVIA: Whatever it is!

QUIP OF THE DAY: “A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions
than anything else in the world.” – Edmond de Goncourt


Thought for the day. . . I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable; to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all. – Leo C. Rosten

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