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September 15th

Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away.Thomas Fuller (1608 – 1661)


259th day of the year (260th in leap years) with 107 days to follow.

Holidays for Today:
~ Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Day
~ Greenpeace Day
~ International Day of Democracy
~ International Dot Day
~ International Free Money Day
~ Make a Hat Day
~ National Cheese Toast Day
~ National Creme de Menthe Day
~ National Double Cheeseburger Day
~ National Felt Hat Day (day men traditionally put away their felt hats)
~ National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to October 15 )
~ National Linguine Day
~ National Neonatal Nurses Day
~ National Tackle Kids Cancer Day
~ National Online Learning Day (established in July of 2016, this holiday recognizes the online education community with an official day focusing on the significant achievements made through online schooling and the students attending)
~ Trail of Tears Commemoration Day (15th-16th)
~ World Afro Day
~ World Lymphoma Awareness Day


  • 1857 William Howard Taft, Cincinnati, Ohio, (R) 27th president (1909-13), chief justice
  • 1890 Dame Agatha Christie, England, mystery writer (Hercule Poirot novels/ Murder on the Orient Express; Miss Jane Marple/ The Mirror Crack’d)
  • 1903 Roy Acuff, Maynardville, Tennessee, country music singer (Hee Haw)
  • 1929 Murray Gell-Mann, Manhattan, New York City, physicist ( Nobel / Elementary particles, Gell-Mann matrices, Gell-Mann–Nishijima formula)
  • 1933 Henry Darrow, New York City, New York, actor (The High Chaparral; Kojak, Waltons, Mod Squad)
  • 1940 Merlin Olsen, Logan, Utah football player (Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle), sportscaster (NBC), and actor (Little House on the Prairie, Father Murphy)
  • 1940 Norman Spinrad, New York City, New York, author (Bug Jack Barron, The Iron Dream, A World Between, Child of Fortune, The Druid King)
  • 1945 Jessye Norman, Augusta, Georgia, opera singer (roles of Aïda, Cassandre, Alceste, and Leonora)
  • 1946 Tommy Lee Jones, San Saba, Texas, actor (Men in Black, Space Cowboys, Batman Forever, Lonesome Dove, US Marshals, Hope Springs, Lincoln, Jason Bourne)
  • 1955 Bruce Reitherman, Burbank, California, voice actor (Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, The Jungle Book 1967, Big Bear Week)
  • 1961 Dan Marino, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins/ recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks)
  • 1971 Josh Charles, Baltimore, Maryland, actor  (Dead Poets Society, Sports Night, The Good Wife, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)
  • 1979 Dave Annable, Suffern, New York, actor (Brothers & Sisters, 666 Park Avenue, Red Band Society, Heartbeat)
  • 1984 Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, 3rd in British succession

Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it.Christopher Morley (1890 – 1957)


  • 1789 The United States Department of State is established (formerly known as the “Department of Foreign Affairs”).
  • 1942 World War II: U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Wasp is torpedoed at Guadalcanal.
  • 1945 A hurricane in southern Florida and the Bahamas destroys 366 planes and 25 blimps at NAS Richmond.
  • 1949 The Lone Ranger premiers on ABC-TV .
  • 1954 Famous scene of Marilyn Monroe laughing as her skirt is blown up by a blast of air from a subway vent was shot during the filming of The Seven Year Itch. The scene infuriated her husband, Joe DiMaggio, who felt it was exhibitionist. (The couple divorced a short time later.)
  • 1959 Nikita Khrushchev becomes the first Soviet leader to visit the United States.
  • 1963 The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing: Four children killed at an African-American church in Birmingham, Alabama, United States
  • 1965 Lost in Space” premiers.
  • 1966 Gemini XI returns to Earth with astronauts Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon.
  • 1968 The Soviet Zond 5 spaceship is launched, becoming the first spacecraft to fly around the Moon and re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • 1971 Environmental organization Greenpeace was founded by 12 members of the Don’t Make A Wave committee of Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • 1981 US Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves Sandra Day O’Connor as first female justice on US Supreme Court.
  • 1982 1st issue of “USA Today” published by Gannett Co Inc
  • 1998 The new MCI WorldCom opens its doors for business after the landmark merger of WorldCom and MCI Communications completed the day before.
  • 2008 Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.


An American tourist in Tel Aviv was about to enter the impressive Mann Auditorium to take in a concert by the Israel Philharmonic. He was admiring the unique architecture, the sweeping lines of the entrance, and the modern decor throughout the building. Finally he turned to his escort and asked if the building was named for Thomas Mann, the world-famous author.

“No,” his friend said, “it’s named for Fredric Mann, from Philadelphia.”

“Really? I never heard of him. What did he write?”

“A check.”


There were these two professors arguing over which one had the dumber child. Each professor thought his was the bigger idiot. The first professor yells “There is no way that your son is dumber. My son has to be THE stupidest kid on Earth.”

The second professor says “No way, Jose. My son is the bigger idiot.”

The first professor says “Let me prove it to you. Hey Jake! (Jake runs to his father) I don’t know if I left myself at the office or not. Would you run there and find out. If I’m there then tell me to come home and eat dinner.”

The son says, gleefully, “Sure dad” and runs off.

The second professor not to be outdone says “Oh Yea! Watch this! Hey Sam! Come here! (Sam runs to his father) Here are two pennies. With one penny buy a car and the other buy a microwave.”

Sam says “OK.” and leaves. The professors keep arguing.

Jay and Sam meet in the street. And they start arguing which one has the dumber father. Jay says, “Well listen. My father told me to find out if he is at the office or not. Well all he had to do was to call the office and find out himself. Two minutes and he would be done. That is stupid if I’ve ever heard it.”

Sam says “Well that is nothing. My dad told me to buy a car with one penny and a microwave with the other. But he didn’t tell me which penny was for the car and which one is for the microwave.”


ONE-LINERS: New Old Sayings. . .

– Anywhere you hang your @ is home.

– The e-mail of the species is deadlier than the mail.

– A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.

– You can’t teach a new mouse old clicks.

– Great groups from little icons grow.

– Speak softly and carry a cellular phone.

– C:\ is the root of all directories.

– Don’t put all your hypes in one home page.

– Pentium wise; pen and paper foolish.

– The modem is the message.

– Too many clicks spoil the browse.

– The geek shall inherit the earth.

– A chat has nine lives.


A minister told his congregation, ”Next week I plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I want you all to read Mark 17.” The following Sunday, as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the minister asked for a show of hands.

He wanted to know how many had read Mark 17. Every hand went up. The minister smiled and said, ”Mark has only sixteen chapters. I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying.”


Once upon a time there was a young man who wanted to become a great writer. “I want to write things the whole world will read,” he declared.

“Stuff that will elicit strong emotions from people in every walk of life. I want my writing to make them scream, cry, howl in pain and anger.”

He now lives happily ever after in Redmond, Wash., writing error messages for Microsoft.

pic of the day: Canadian Geese in Flight

geese in flight

A police recruit was asked on an exam, “What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?”

In the blank, he wrote, “Call for backup.”

Just after the maid had been fired, she took five bucks from her purse and threw it to Fido, the family dog.

When asked why by her former employer, she answered, “I never forget a friend. This was for helping me clean the dishes all the time!”

A show business museum in Hollywood is presenting an exhibit on the career of the late and great actor John Wayne. One of the featured items is a pair of brownish colored gravestones bearing his name, date of birth, and the titles of his most memorable movies. The museum has decided to call the exhibit, … ‘The Amber Graves of Wayne.’

A German tourist walks into a McDonald’s in New York City and orders a beer. The local guy in the line behind him immediately gives him a verbal jab, ‘They don’t serve beer here, you moron!’

The German fellow felt embarrassed, however he turned to the New Yorker with a surprised look on his face and begins to chuckle. ‘And what’s so funny?’ the New Yorker demands.

‘Oh, nothing really, I just realized how stupid you are. You came here for the food!’


There was a man who wanted to build a bar in the town. A church congregation that was next door strongly opposed it, but construction of the bar went on. Just before it was finished, however, lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground.

The church congregation gloated and credited the Lord. The bar owner sued the church, claiming that the congregation’s prayers had cost him his building, but the church leaders denied having anything to do with it. The case went to court and the local judge was said not to know how to rule on the matter. He said he had a bar owner who believed in the power of prayer and a church congregation that didn’t!

Murphy’s Laws of Work

– No one gets sick on Wednesdays.
– The longer the title, the less important the job.
– When confronted by a difficult problem you can solve it more easily by reducing it to the question, “How would the Lone Ranger handle this?”

– Success is just a matter of luck, just ask any failure.
– All vacations and holidays create problems, except for one’s own.
– Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

– Machines that have broken down will work perfectly when the repairman arrives.
– An “acceptable” level of employment means that the government economist to whom it is acceptable still has a job.

When a young announcer was raising funds on a local public television station, a woman called in and told the volunteer operator she would donate a hundred dollars if the announcer would shave off his beard.

He agreed to help the cause and returned to work clean-shaven.

The following day, the check arrived from his mother.

TODAY IN TRIVIA: What does penumbra mean?
It’s a partial shadow between regions of full shadow (the umbra) and full illumination, especially as cast by Earth, the Moon, or another body during an eclipse. During a partial lunar eclipse, a portion of the Moon’s disk remains within the penumbra of Earth’s shadow while the rest is darkened by the umbra.

~ What does International Dot Day celebrate?
This is a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration, that began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot on September 15, 2009. It is to encourage people of all ages re-discover the power and potential of creativity in all they do.

~ What is The Dot about?
The book tells the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe.

~ What does International Free Money Day celebrate?
Free Money Day aims to raise awareness and start conversations about the benefits of economies based on sharing, as well as inspire more critical and creative thinking about people’s relationships with money and about new types of economic activities.

~ How are you supposed to celebrate International Free Money Day?
On this anniversary of the Lehman Brothers’ 2008 filing for bankruptcy, people offer their own money to passing strangers at public places, two coins or notes at a time. Then the recipients are asked to pass on one of the notes or coins to someone else. Another way to celebrate is to leave money with a note at a public place where it is likely to be found by another person, or to share money digitally, which is encouraged when COVID-19 measures may limit in-person interactions.

~ What is Trail of Tears Commemoration Day?
The Trail of Tears was a series of forced relocations of approximately 60,000 Native Americans between 1830 and 1850 by the United States government. Members of the Cherokee, Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations were forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States to areas to the west of the Mississippi River that had been designated as ‘Indian Territory’. September 15th marks the anniversary of the day when the last Cherokees arrived in Oklahoma in 1838.

~ Why is it called the Trail of Tears?
Detachments of soldiers went to every Cherokee house and drove men, women, and children out of their homes with only the clothes on their backs. They were placed in concentration camps where conditions were horrendous. Food and supplies were limited and disease was rampant. The relocated peoples suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while en route to their newly designated reserve. Thousands died before reaching their destinations or shortly after from disease.

~ Why were these Native Americans forced to move?
American settlers pressured the federal government to remove Indians from the Southeast; many settlers were encroaching on Indian lands, while others wanted more land made available to the settlers. The Cherokee removal in 1838 (the last forced removal east of the Mississippi) was brought on by the discovery of gold near Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828, resulting in the Georgia Gold Rush.

~ Did all lawmakers agree with this legislation?
Although the effort was vehemently opposed by some, including U.S. Congressman Davy Crockett of Tennessee, President Andrew Jackson was able to gain Congressional passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which authorized the government to extinguish any Indian title to land claims in the Southeast.

~ Why do geese fly in a V formation?
Migratory geese fly in a V-shaped formation to minimize wind resistance and conserve energy. This formation also allows geese to remain in close proximity to one another during long journeys.

~ How fast can geese fly?
Geese fly at an average speed of about 65 kilometers (40 miles) per hour when migrating, but may increase their speed to 110 kilometers (70 miles) per hour if they catch a strong tailwind.

~ How long do mating pairs of geese stay together?
Geese are very loyal. They mate for life and are very protective of their partners and offspring. If a goose’s mate or chicks become sick or injured, he or she will often refuse to leave their side, even if winter is approaching and the other geese in the group are flying south.

~ What do you call a group of geese?
Just so you know, a group of geese is called a “skein” in flight, a “gaggle” on the ground and a “flock” anywhere.. 🙂

QUIP OF THE DAY: Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment.Rita Mae Brown


Thought for the day. . . A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world. – Paul Dudley White

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